During the 2019 Escapade, Escapees RV Club’s CEO Shawn Loring announced the creation of Escapees Hangouts. According to a press release, these events are “created for active RVers looking to share fun experiences and build friendships with others in the RV community.”

Registration is now open for the first two Hangouts to run this summer in New Hampshire and Maine.

Escapees Hangouts were formed in response to the average age of RVers dropping in recent years. Exponential growth of groups like Xscapers, a lifestyle group created for working-aged RVers, is evidence that “this younger demographic craves connection with their fellow RVers,” the release stated. The new Escapees Hangouts program seeks to answer this need for those who are still active and adventurous but have more flexible schedules than the working RVer.

“With five- to 10-day events scheduled in campgrounds, and including activities all throughout the day, Hangouts aim to serve Escapees members in a new way,” said Cheryl and David Goldstein, the club’s Hangouts directors. “At a Hangout, attendees will enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking, brewery and winery tours, potlucks, local festivals, and more, all while creating new friendships within the Escapees community.”

Hangouts bring new opportunities to the existing lineup of Escapees RV Club’s community-focused events. The Head-Out Program, also known as Escapees HOPs, feature all-inclusive experiences such as cruises and destination adventures to events such as New Orleans Mardi Gras, the Rose Parade and the Kentucky Derby. Xscapers Convergences offer a different approach to community building through happy hour gatherings, off-roading and other outdoor adventures, late night parties, community service projects and family-friendly activities.

The lineup of upcoming Hangouts includes New Hampshire for the Keene Walldogs Festival: Maine, where attendees can enjoy Acadia National Park, digging for mussels, and picking blueberries; and Tennessee, welcoming attendees to enjoy the autumn beauty of the Smoky Mountains through hiking, photography opportunities, and even ziplining.

For details on these events, visit https://www.escapees.com/hangouts/.