The Escapees RV Club has picked TengoInternet to provide wireless high-speed Internet access at its headquarters Rainbow’s End Park in Livingston, Tex.
Later, TengoInternet may provide wireless high-speed Internet access, also known as Wi-Fi, to the seven other Escapees’ Rainbow’s End parks.
“TengoInternet’s services provide our members with a highly desired amenity,” said Mark Nemeth, Escapees’ technical advisor. “It enables RV travelers to take advantage of online services and stay connected to their friends and family from the comfort of their own RVs.
“We selected TengoInternet based on their experience in the wireless arena and because of their willingness to create a flexible service relationship specifically to meet our needs,” Nemeth said. “We hope to be able to expand this service in the future to our other Rainbow parks.”
The Escapees has 34,000 member families and its other Rainbow’s End parks are in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, New Mexico and Tennessee.
“We have been extremely fortunate to have worked with a number of leading (RV) parks and hotels who have successfully implemented our wireless solutions and reaped the benefits of increased guests and guest retention,” said Eric Stumberg, CEO of TengoInternet of Austin, Texas.