Some 9,000 members of the Escapees RV club who claim Livingston, Texas, as their home are reportedly facing the prospect of losing their voting rights.

The group’s access to the voting booth was called into question when three local residents issued a formal challenge last year with Polk County requesting that the full-time RVers who claim the area as their domicile must prove their residence.

The Escapees, many of whom use a mail forwarding service based in Livingston, claim that the county sent out notices about the challenge only 60 days before the election – an unreasonable amount of time to respond, especially considering that the challenge was issued more than a year ago, according to a statement released from the group.

“If the courts decide to stand behind three petitioners who randomly cast a net over 9,000-plus senior citizens … then the court will be adding just one more link to a powerful chain that could eventually bind the wheels of the full-time RVer to the ground indefinitely,” stated a letter sent by the Escapees to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno.