The Escapees RV Club, the nation’s largest association of full-time RVers, has won a court battle in its ongoing effort to secure the rights of full-time RVers to vote.
The victory resulted from a state district court case in Polk County, Texas, in which Precinct Commissioner Bob Willis was formally declared the winner of a November 2000 election that had been contested in a lawsuit filed by his challenger, B.E. “Slim” Speights, who claimed that votes cast by members of the Livingston, Texas-based Escapees were illegal.
Speights, meanwhile, has filed papers seeking to appeal the district court decision to the Texas Court of Appeals in Beaumont, reports Escapees CEO Cathie Carr.
Several thousand Escapees members receive their mail at the club’s Livingston headquarters, an RV park that many Escapees members use as their mailing address and home base. Many Escapees members also participate in Polk County elections.
The voting rights of full-time RVers became a national issue in the November 2000 election when a handful of Polk County politicians challenged the rights of Escapees members to vote on the premise that people who don’t own land in a given district should not be eligible to vote in that district.
The Escapees Club has set up a legal defense fund to protect the rights of full-time RVers to vote. For more information on the legal defense fund, visit the Escapees’ website, www.escapees.com.