(L-R) EverGreen's Don Emahiser, Mark Boessler, Mike Schoeffler and Kelly Rose

(L-R) EverGreen’s Don Emahiser, Mark Boessler, Mike Schoeffler and Kelly Rose

The Skyline RV division, now part of the EverGreen Recreational Vehicles LLC family of companies, hosted a Skyline RV Dealer Reunion event on Dec. 1 at the top of the Louisville Hyatt Regency Hotel in the Spire Room. More than 150 past, present and prospective Skyline RV dealers attended.

The event, which preceded last week’s National RV Trade Show, celebrated the long Skyline RV history and its future as part of EverGreen. Don Emahiser, continuing general manager of the newly acquired Skyline RV division, emceed the event and conveyed that the new Skyline RV will remain an autonomous entity within the EverGreen family.

EverGreen CEO Mike Schoeffler with President and COO Mark Boessler also welcomed the new Skyline dealers into the fold. “We want all our Skyline RV dealers, past and present, to understand we value their business and look forward to future partnerships under the EverGreen family of companies,” said Schoeffler.

EverGreen Founder and Chairman, Kelly L. Rose, then spoke briefly about the 63-year Skyline RV legacy and the well known Nomad and Layton brands.

“Skyline RV has some of the most recognized, iconic brands in our industry,” said Rose.  “The Nomad and Layton names alone go back to 1960. We want all Skyline dealers to understand we respect the Skyline RV legacy and look forward to continuing its tradition of integrity and value.”

Kelly Rose also paid tribute to founder of Skyline RV, his old friend, Art Decio. “What can I say. The man is a legend in our industry. He’s the No. 1 citizen of Elkhart County and possibly the state of Indiana,” he concluded.