A lawsuit filed by a former employee of EverGreen RV could be certified as a class-action lawsuit, meaning hundreds of employees may be eligible for thousands of dollars in unpaid wages and benefits if the lawsuit is successful.

As reported by the Elkhart Truth, the Middlebury, Ind., company abruptly shut its doors last June due to financial issues, laying off all of its nearly 270 employees. Former employee Matthew Grimes said in court documents that the company may have closed shop a little too quickly, violating the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act by not giving employees a 60-day written notice as required by law.

Grimes is requesting that the United States District Court in South Bend order EverGreen RV to correct the situation by paying former employees: 

• Unpaid wages, salary, commissions and bonuses.

• Accrued holiday pay.

• Accrued vacation pay.

• Pension and 401k contributions.

• Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) benefits.

According to the lawsuit, EverGreen RV would have to provide compensation and the other benefits for the 60 days that would have been covered under the WARN Act notice period.

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