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Two workers at Paul Evert’s RV Country in Fresno, Calif., helped rescue a man involved in a vehicle crash near the dealership, according to Ch.47-TV, Fresno.

Joseph Cornell of Fresno was taken to the hospital after his careened off of Highway 99. His Honda crashed into a fence at the Central Ave exit and burst into flames.

Luke Fisher, a Good Samaritan, was driving behind him when the accident occurred. He pulled over and helped pull the driver, Joe Cornell, out of the burning car. At first, he thought he was simply helping a stranger, until he saw the driver’s face. As it turns out he was helping a friend. Joe Cornell was a friend from high school.

Fisher had help from two Paul Evert’s RV employees, Narciso Holguin and Carlos Ramos, who were washing RVs when they saw the crash. Holguin suffered cuts on his hand from the broken glass.

Additionally, there is cell phone video from another employee which shows how big the fire had become. Plus, Cornell’s wife commented that the soles of her husband’s shoes were burned and if he had been in there much longer, he would have suffered severe burns.

Doctors suspect that the accident stemmed from a medical condition that made the victim to lose consciousness.