Survey firm RoperASW will not send a $1 bill with each of the 30,000 questionnaires that will be sent to RV owners next January. Instead, one lucky respondent will get a $1,000 prize if their name is randomly selected during a drawing.
The decision to discontinue the practice of giving away $30,000 as an incentive to get people to fill out a 12-page questionnaire was made Monday (June 10) by the Go RVing Coalition Committee on Excellence, which met during the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) Committee Week in Washington, D.C.
As a result of the committee’s decision Monday, RoperASW’s budget for the survey to be conducted early next year will be $432,000, instead of the $439,000 which the survey firm proposed.
In its $439,000 budget proposal, RoperASW included $8,000 in incentives, which would have included sending a $1 bill with 3,000 questionnaires and mailing $5,000 worth of commemorative stickers with the remaining 27,000 questionnaires.
However, the committee decided to endorse the idea of a $1,000 prize drawing which was proposed by Gary LaBella, the RVIA’s vice president of advertising and public relations. LaBella said RVers are willing to express their opinions about their rigs and he questioned whether a single $1 bill was a motivating as far as the 12,000 to 13,000 respondents to the 2001 RV consumer satisfaction survey were concerned.
RoperASW basically agrees, although it is concerned about response rates declining if incentives are completely eliminated. That was why LaBella said he proposed the $1,000 prize drawing.
The 30,000 questionnaires will be mailed next January to people who buy a model year 2002 RV before next Aug. 1. Participating manufacturers are to provide customer lists, including the RV product type and price, to RoperASW.
The $432,000 budget assumes 20 RV manufacturers will participate. From $3,000 to $5,000 would need to be added for each additional manufacturer. The committee agreed on Monday to allow up to five more manufacturers.
RoperASW will present its general industry results to the committee during June 2003 and participating manufacturers will get reports specific to their products during July 2003.
RoperASW will compare 2003 survey results with the results of the surveys conducted during 2001, and, in some cases, with the 1999 survey results, to determine if there are trends.