The Holiday Rambler subsidiary of Monaco Coach Corp. experienced excellent sales during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville two weeks ago, said John Nepute, president.

“The show met our expectations and in several areas, it exceeded them,” Nepute said.

Holiday Rambler’s sales were one example of exceeding expectations, he added.

“We were also very pleased with the dealer’s enthusiasm for the new Cayman and Neptune diesel coaches,” Nepute said. “Safari and Beaver also had good shows. Dealers expressed genuine interest in the new Safari Sahara and Trek Sport and also the Beaver Santiam.”

Safari and Beaver were the two best known brands of SMC Corp., which Monaco acquired last summer to become the retail market share leader in the Class A motorhome category.

“We also forged relationships with several potential new Safari and Beaver retail dealers,” Nepute said. “We intend to cultivate these relationships over the coming weeks.

“Overall, the tone of the show was very upbeat,” he added.