Residents of Pasadena, Texas, were startled late Wednesday Sept. (30) by a series of small explosions after a fire broke out at an RV shop  in the city.

Nearby resident Shanna Taylor said, “I started hearing banging outside. I didn’t think anything of it and then as it progressed it sounded like it kept getting closer. Again, I thought somebody was breaking into my house, so I walked outside and it wasn’t. It was just a banging noise and it kept coming from where the fire was at. I thought they were working late, because it sounded like someone taking heavy equipment and moving it. It wasn’t consistent. Then all of a sudden you heard the fire trucks.”

Pasadena firefighters were dispatched to C&D RV Parts & Service around 10:45 p.m., according to the Pasadena Citizen.

“The reportee stated that there were several trailers that were on fire,” said Pasadena Fire Marshal David Brannon. “The first unit to arrive on scene had to make forcible entry through the gate and discovered an RV (on fire) that was impinging on a building.”

At the time of the fire, the business was closed for the day. The RV was at this location for repair, but was determined to be a total loss.

Inside the structure were numerous 55-gallon drums containing products to make bed liner material.

“The drums went off when the fire spread to the structure,” Brannon said. “Not only did we have a fire scene out here, we also had a HazMat scene.”

Harris County HazMat was called out to the scene as a precautionary measure, but the surrounding area was never at any threat and no shelter-in-place was called.

“Most of the fire and smoke was contained on premises and as soon as the fire department was able to make entry and put water on it, the fire was tapped out pretty quick,” Brannon said.

A portion of Preston Avenue was shutdown for numerous hours while fire investigators conducted their investigation.

“For the scale of the fire, he (the owner) suffered relatively minimal fire damage,” Brannon said.

At press time, the Pasadena Fire Marshal’s Office was still investigating the cause of the fire. No injuries were reported at the scene.