Cricket pop-top travel trailer

Garret Finney’s pop-top Cricket travel trailer, which debuted on the Travel Channels’ Extreme RV show on Sunday (Jan. 29), created such a swarm of web traffic – 11,000 visits in just 36 hours – that the company’s website crashed according to a message posted on the Cricket trailer Facebook page on Monday.

As reported by the RV Examiner, the message read: “Thanks for all of the interest in Cricket Trailer!!! Due to the massive amount of hits, our website overloaded its server, and is currently being transferred to a larger dedicated server. The site should be up within the day. Thanks for hanging in there with us, and let’s keep this Cricket movement going!”

The Cricket – manufactured from aluminium composite panels and a laser-cut skeleton – is a durable lightweight travel trailer with a spring loaded pop-top that provides users with a compact and fully customizable camping experience.

For do-it-yourselfers, the company can provide the bare shell for $10,000 or they can deliver a bespoke “v-berth” or “folding couch” model direct to your doorstep within ten weeks of receiving your order.

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