The owners of Extreme RV’s LLC intend to maintain the Kit Manufacturing Co. tradition of building quality towable RVs primarily for West Coast markets.
Don Day and Jim Homburger, the principals of Extreme RV’s, acquired Kit’s RV business and factory in Caldwell, Idaho, about a month ago.
Day was the general manager of Kit RV and Homburger was its production manager. They hired 165 of Kit RV’s former production workers, who now are busy building, primarily, Extreme sport utility trailers, which were well-received by the dealer body at the last two Louisville trade shows, Day said.
Extreme RV’s will increase its production volume in the coming weeks without hiring more labor, Day added.
In addition to the brand name Extreme, Day and Homburger’s company also bought Kit RV’s other brands, a list that includes Road Ranger, Companion, Millennium, Sportmaster and Monterey.
Extreme RV has retained all of Kit’s RV dealers, a network that includes around 90 retailers, and Kit RV’s suppliers, Day said. “We will be a product-driven company. We will push the envelope in terms of innovations, we’ll be on the cutting edge of new designs.”
The sale of the RV business to Extreme RV’s is part of the liquidation of Kit, which will bring to a close the career of Dan Pocapalia, Kit’s 87-year-old chairman, president and CEO.
Kit is a 58-year-old company that endured financial struggles recently. The sale of its manufactured housing business, also located in Caldwell, is pending, said Bruce Skinner, Kit’s vice president and treasurer.
Kit was listed on the American Stock Exchange but it was delisted earlier this year. Pocapalia owns 49% of Kit’s common stock and he approves of the liquidation plan.