The strong agricultural economy in North Dakota and lower gas prices seem to be helping RV dealers such as McLaughlin’s RV & Marine in Fargo.

Sales are up 20% to 25% so far this year, according to salesman Mike Boe.


Boe told WDAY-TV, Fargo, that the increase in business can be attributed to a number of reasons.

“We have a strong agriculture economy,” he said. “Our farmers seem to be doing very well, interest rates are low, gas is reasonable.”

As gas prices rise again just in time for summer vacations, McLaughlin’s isn’t worried. Boe says more people such as customer Dustin Kennedy,, who was at the Fargo dealership this week shopping for a new RV, are saving money by leaving RVs at the lakes in nearby Minnesota.

“This year, with gas prices being more normal for our area, people are taking longer trips and bigger vacations,” Boe said. “People don’t seem to like to fly anymore because of security concerns and all the wait times.”

For Kennedy, he’s looking forward to taking his new ride out for the first time this weekend.

McLaughlin’s says the RV industry is doing better here than most others areas. A lot of inventory is on the ground, 20% more this year because more RVs are being shipped here to sell, making it one of the best year’s in McLaughlin’s 43-year history.