Local officials denied an 80-lot expansion at a large recreational vehicle park in Gonzales, La., as neighbors opposed the development unless guaranteed it would not allow trailers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
The Advocate, Baton Rouge, reported that Robert Dupre, owner of the Twin Lakes RV Park, said he had no plans to seek the FEMA trailers and noted his tenants would not want them in the 5.7-acre expansion.
“We have no intention of putting FEMA people in there,” Dupre said.
Dupre’s proposal came on the heels of a proposed FEMA trailer park in a nearby section in the Ascension Parish, which sparked controversy.
In addition to property values, school impact and traffic, opponents said FEMA trailers could bring an unwanted element to Gonzales.
Advised by attorney O’Neil Parenton Jr. that the commission could run afoul of discrimination laws by trying to tie approval to prohibiting FEMA trailers, the commission based its decision on other reasons.
Dupre was seeking variances to current trailer regulations, including using gravel roads and eliminating concrete trailer pads to retain a campground-type feel in the wooded area.
The expansion would be on land included in the original park plan dating at least to 1985, Dupre said. The park has 180 large lots and 45 RV lots, he said.
Based on the variances requested, a motion to deny was approved without opposition.