Featherlite Inc., Cresco, Iowa, announced today (Jan. 20) that it will hire 110 workers to manufacture the new Featherlite SURV towable series, according to the Cresco Times Plain Dealer.
“These are very nice, fully-featured trailers,” said Eric Clement, vice president and general manager of the company’s trailer division. “We’ve taken a lot of standard features and our Featherlite all-aluminum shell, put the best together and come up with this new product line.”
Clement said 75 people are needed to fill vacancies on the new trailer’s assembly line at the Cresco plant while 45 additional employees will be needed to handle general increased output.
Featherlite will then add shifts and adjust other assembly lines in order to produce the first 200 units Featherlite plans to manufacture in what Clement called the “first run” in March, April and May. “This will be the start of a whole new vehicle line for Featherlite,” added CEO Conrad Clement. “It’s a very exciting time for Featherlite, and it will be real good for Cresco.”
The company’s first SURV, appropriately called “Number One,” exhibits what many may consider an ample cargo compartment in its rear with “genuine Featherlite living quarters” in front.
Featherlite promotional material indicates the trailer also features more cargo weight capacity, lower floor height, heavier ramp capacity, name brand appliances, fold-down benches and “dynamic exterior graphics.”
“RV people know living spaces, but they don’t know how to haul like Featherlite does,” John Hall, corporate communications director, told the newspaper.
Eric Clement said the company began work on the new product a year ago by paying close attention to comments made by customers. “We write down every suggestion or complaint we get,” Eric Clement said. “We then establish a team of all the required disciplines, and this is what we have come up with. This will be a big product line for Featherlite.”