February wholesale shipments showed a continuation of trends that have characterized the recreational vehicle marketplace for more than a year – healthy travel-trailer deliveries boosted year-over-year totals while the Class A motorhome sector incurred a double-digit decline.
According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), overall wholesale shipments in February improved 8.6% to 32,700 units from 30,100 in 2005. For the first two months, shipments were up 14.6% with 67,500 units delivered compared with 58,900 last year.
The wholesale travel-trailer market in February gained 26.8% with 18,000 units delivered versus 14,200 in 2005 while shipments for the first two months grew 31.3% to 36,900 units from 28,100.
RVIA noted that the travel-trailer figures did not include stripped-down Emergency Living Units (ELUs) built specifically by OEMs for the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) without holding tanks. RVIA reported that 10,000 ELUs were shipped in February.
Class A motorhome shipments fell 19.4% in February with 2,500 units delivered compared with 3,100 the previous year. Year-to-date, the market declined 20.6% to 5,000 units shipped from 6,300 in 2005.
Other highlights include:
• Overall towable shipments were up 13.1% for February and 19.7% for the first two months. Conversely, overall motorhome deliveries declined 14.3% for the month and 11.5% year-to-date.
• February fifth-wheel deliveries dropped 5.3% in February to 7,200 units from 7,600 the previous year. For the first two months, shipments were 2.8% ahead of last year’s pace with 14,800 units delivered versus 14,400.
• February Class C deliveries were down 100 units from 2005 to 1,600 and increased 200 units to 3,100 for the first two months.
• Folding camping trailer shipments were up 100 units to 2,700 in February and showed a 700-unit gain to 6,000 year-to-date.
• Truck camper shipments were down 200 units in February to 600 and decreased by 200 units to 1,300 for the first two months.
• The Class B sector matched 2005 totals for February and the first two months with 200 and 400 units delivered respectively.
• The conversion market declined 9.7% in February to 2,800 units versus 2005, including a 5.3% drop in van conversions to 1,800 units. For the first two months, the conversion market was down 17.2% to 5,300 units.