As numbers continue to pour in from a time period that may prove to have been the bottom of the industry’s downturn, retail sales of travel trailers and fifth-wheels in 48 states fell 44.2% in February compared to the same month last year, according to Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI).

Travel trailer registrations for the month  were 5,306, down from 9,153, a drop of 42% compared to last year. Fifth-wheel sales decreased to 2,537 units from 4,915, a decline of 48.4%, Grand Rapids, Mich.-based SSI reports.

For the first two months of the year combined travel trailer and fifth-wheel registrations were off fully 45.2% from 24,722 in ’08 to 13,536 units this year.

Meanwhile, retail sales of folding camping trailers for the month dropped to 568 units from 1,066 a year ago, representing a decline of 46.7%. Year-to-date camping trailer sales were down from 1,629 in 2008 to 871 this year, a 46.5% dip.

Recreational park trailers sales in February fell 58% from 241 to 101 units with year-to-date totals down from 522 to 216, a 58.6% decline.

Sales figures from Kansas and California were not available.