The Federal Highway Administration (FHwA) has cleared the way for states to affix “RV Friendly” logos to informational Interstate signs without going through the rigmarole of each state’s program being approved by the feds.
At least six states – Louisiana, Tennessee, Washington, Florida, Oregon and most recently Texas – already are affixing the logos to highway signs or are planning to soon.
The logo – a yellow circle with the letters RV – indicates that facilities at an upcoming highway exit have high canopies, enough space for a large turning radius and adequate pull-through parking for RVs.
Several states balked at waiting for FHwA’s approval of their individual initiatives and started to show the logos on portions of the blue interstate information signs controlled by the states.
FHwA’s preliminary rules appear to have averted extending that turf war. The rules require that the states develop policies for selecting eligible businesses.