The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is holding on-line auctions for travel trailers used by disaster victims, according to a report in the Sun-Herald, Charlotte, Fla.
Gary Mote, a regional spokesman for the administration, said there are more than 7,000 FEMA trailers up for auction across the country which were used to help people impacted by federally-declared disasters of all sorts, including the 2004 hurricanes in Florida.
On the auction website, www.gsaauctions.gov, people can view a picture of the trailers and get a general condition. FEMA said conditions of the units “vary greatly” and are sold as is.
The trailers range in size from 26- to 42-feet and the bid ranges, by late Thursday (March 3), were from a low $3,147 for a 32-foot trailer to $12,900 for a 30-footer.
According to the Sun-Herald, more trailers will become available as people move back into their homes through the rebuilding or reconstruction efforts in Florida.
There are currently 12,040 travel trailers with people living in them in the state, said FEMA spokeswoman Lisa Pierce.
People who received the temporary trailers have 18 months to find permanent housing, according to FEMA.