The ROUTE 66 RV Network presented Mark ‘Mick’ Ferkey, owner of Greeneway RV Sales & Service in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., with the 4th Annual Larry Coker Commitment Award at its recent 2012 rally held in Peachtree City, Ga.

According to a press release, the annual award is named in memory of Larry Coker, a long-time RV industry colleague and ROUTE 66 employee who unexpectedly passed away in February, 2009. “Larry was committed to making the vision of the network a reality,” said Rob Merrill, partner in ROUTE 66. “His faith, sense of humor, optimism, humility and dedication were evident to everyone he met.”

The Larry Coker Commitment Award is given to the ROUTE 66 RV Network dealer who best reflects “Coker’s total commitment to building the ROUTE 66 brand.” ROUTE 66 partner Dave Francis noted, “Greenway has been a member of the network for over six years and Mick, along with his entire team, deeply embrace what it means to be a ROUTE 66 dealer. Not only is that evident in the dealership’s culture and participation, but during a recent visit to the dealership I noticed as I stood in one place that I could count 28 ROUTE 66 shield logos in their parts store and showroom alone.”

Ferkey expressed his gratitude for the award, stating, “I am honored to be a ROUTE 66 dealer and humbled to receive this prestigious award. Larry was passionate about ROUTE 66 and the values it stands for. I am proud to be among dealers who share my values. While I certainly see my employees as family, I also view the people of ROUTE 66 as an extension of my family.”

In addition to the dealership recognition that this award delivers to the recipient, it also donates the dealership’s total annual network membership fee to a college education fund in their name to support Coker’s daughter who is currently a college freshman.

As a further reflection of Ferkey’s commitment to the ROUTE 66 family, after learning Stephanie Notter, a ROUTE 66 employee, had unexpectedly lost her husband, Rick, to a heart attack, he was moved to launch a fund to help her finish restoring a 1969 Firebird that they were working on. Learn more about the fund at www.RicksFirebirdFund.net.