Questions about finance and insurance (F & I) programs will be added to the questionnaire that will be mailed to 30,000 RV owners next January as a result of a decision Monday (June 10) by the Go RVing Coalition Committee on Excellence.
There will be no cost to adding the F & I questions because certain other questions will be deleted so the questionnaires will remain 12 pages long, said Gary LaBella, vice president of public relations and advertising for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
The questions that will be dropped related to “general campground experiences,” said Roy Baldassari, account executive for RoperASW, the firm that will administer the survey. Responses to the general campground experiences questions duplicated specific campground questions, so they “did not add anything,” Baldassari said.
The questions about RV retail loan programs will be about whether the buyer obtained financing through the dealer, whether the consumer felt it was difficult to obtain financing and whether they were satisfied with their interest rate, said John Thompson, president of RV Care Network Inc. and a committee member.
Concerning insurance, those receiving questionnaires will be asked whether they obtained RV insurance through their auto insurance carrier or an RV specialty insurer, Thompson said. They also will be asked whether they obtained insurance themselves or through their RV dealer.
Although all states require motorhome owners to have insurance, Thompson added that there are a few states that do not require insurance on towable RVs.
Meanwhile, the committee decided not to separate survey responses from the owners of diesel engine motorhomes costing over $150,000 from the owners of diesel pushers costing less than $150,000. The committee decided that there are so few diesel motorhomes retailing for below $150,000 that “we would be chasing a ghost,” said Jim Sheldon, special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp. and chairman of the committee