A fictitious RV website with a Baldwin County, Ga., address has caught the attention of  local law enforcement officials.

According to the Union Reporter, a call came into the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Monday regarding a luxury RV business that didn’t exist.

“A gentleman called and said a man from Canada showed up at his address with $35,000 in cash to purchase an RV he saw on the website,” said Capt. Brad King.

The website is georgiarvdepot.com. It contains a vast inventory of luxury RV vehicles at ridiculously low prices.

The website has a professional look to it, but King says there are signs that the business is fraudulent.

“The pictures of the RVs all have different backgrounds as if they have been copied and pasted from other locations online and the only way to get in contact with the business is through email. A legitimate company has different forms of communication available for its customers.”

During King’s investigation, the location of the website has moved twice in an attempt to make it hard for law enforcement to track.


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