A thunderstorm packing 80 mph winds struck a Texas RV park Thursday night (June 11), injuring several guests.

At the RV park in Burnet, residents said they saw two funnel clouds and are awaiting the confirmation from the weather service. One RV was torn to shreds while two others were overturned with residents trapped inside, residents told News 8, Austin.

Residents said one woman escaped without injury, but in the other RV, an elderly couple was trapped inside until police came to punch a hole and help them escape.

“(I) never thought it would turn over these RVs,” Burnet RV owner Karl Piehl, said. “I’ve always said when you see a storm or something you always seen mobile home parks destroyed, not RV parks. Storms are not supposed to hit RV parks, but this one obviously did.”

The National Weather Service traveled to Burnet today to review storm damages.