It was not Paul Evert’s iconic signs but a solid orange wall of fire that beckoned drivers as they came down Highway 99.

KFSN TV reported that Gary Hussman was on the property in Fresno, Calif., getting his RV fixed when he noticed something was wrong. “Probably about 20 feet higher than the building, except for when it exploded, then it was 30, 40,” said Hussman.

The fire began in the auto body-paint shop. Investigators say an RV inside the building started smoldering.

Employees tried putting it out with an extinguisher but it was too late.

“All the explosions started the propane tanks, the fire coming out melting everything in the building, it was too hot for anybody to get close to it,” said Hussman.

The damages will likely total several millions of dollars. Firefighters have not been able to make it inside yet because the building is so unstable.

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