Fire tore through a Forest River Inc. plant on Elkhart, Ind.’s east side Tuesday (March 12), destroying the building within minutes after 911 calls were made.

As reported by the Goshen News, thick, black smoke jetted out of the plant and marched into the sky like a thunderhead cloud that could be seen for miles.

The first crew of Elkhart firefighters arrived at Plant 59 about four minutes after they were dispatched to the scene around 3:45 p.m., said Elkhart Fire Chief Chad Carey.

Flames were seen shooting through the roof, Carey said, and more city firefighters, backed by crews from the Concord Township and Osolo Township departments, were called in.

A few employees who were at the facility reported the fire as well as sounds of explosions. Nobody was injured.

“There was five to six employees still on scene who reported no injuries. Everybody was out. They heard some explosions — some popping-type explosions before they called 911,” Carey said.

He believed the fire started toward the front of the building and quickly spread throughout it.

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