In the wake of a fire that destroyed the main office building at Village RV in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, owners were determined to get the dealership back on its feet, according to a report in the Regina Leader Post.
“We’ll survive it,” said part-owner Bill Ortman. “We’ve got so many people’s lives depending on us. There’s nothing else on my mind except how quickly we get back in business.”
Ortman said damages will run “fairly high,” since there was likely about $400,000 in stock alone inside the building. The fire spared the dealership’s nearby service center.
With just days to go before the extended May weekend heralding the start of the camping season, the fire that destroyed the company’s main office couldn’t have come at a worse time.
“This is our peak time,” said salesman Jacques Landry, one of the 30 people working at the business. “It’s not good.”
The fire broke out shortly before 6 p.m. and burned quickly, with the roof collapsing about three hours later.
Most of the staff had already left for the day, but Landry was at the back of the building when he heard what sounded like an explosion that shook the ground around him.
“I just heard some banging. I ran in the building, and it was on fire,” said Landry, who called 9-1-1 at 5:53 p.m. The first firefighters arrived about 10 minutes later.
“When we got here, this fire was well involved. It was up in the roof and traveling right across the width and length of the building. So the fire was ahead of us,” fire department spokesman Grant Nicurity said.
The business has been at its current location since 1977, and renovations on the office were just completed last year.
“This is where we function,” said Ortman, who is partners in the business with Darren Gelowitz and Tony Reslein.
The owners and staff who gathered at the scene could do little but watch and fight back emotions. Ortman did take solace in the fact that “none of our people” were injured in the blaze.