The Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Campground Association (PRVCA) sold 20 of 78 RVs offered during a Nov. 11 wholesale RV auction.
“It went well for the first auction,” said PRVCA Chairman Daniel Saltzgiver, co-owner of Reichart’s Camping Center Inc., Hanover, Pa., who sold two travel trailers at the auction and purchased two others. “I see this as a viable way to move RVs around the country. The best scenario would be to have dealers in Florida having units for sale in March or April to sell to dealers in the north and vice versus in the fall.”
Saltzgiver said some units didn’t move because sellers set unrealistic reserve prices — the minimum amount they would accept — and weren’t present to change the figure during bidding.
“Some were bid close to the amount that people had reserved, but they weren’t there and the bidders couldn’t talk to them to see if they would adjust their price,” Saltzgiver said.
Fewer than half a dozen RVs were offered without reserves, which cost of the seller $200 to establish.
The auction was conducted by Transport Auctions Inc., Mannheim, Pa., in facilities operated by Utility Keystone Trailers Inc., whose principle, Stanley Zeamer, formed the auction company. Transport Auctions also conducts heavy-duty truck auctions.
Twenty-three people registered to bid in person and seven others participated via the Internet. Although a number of on-line bids were received, they yielded no sales.
PRVCA Executive Vice President Becky Lennington said participation was low because many dealers were unfamiliar with auctions. “A lot of them found they need to do a better job with their homework,” she said. “And we learned that we need to provide even more information so they can do their homework up front.”
Pat Weaver, director of marketing for Transport Auctions, said another auction is planned for March 30. “We’ve expanded beyond trucks because we’ve seen a need in the RV industry for the same type of thing,” Weaver said.