Bobby Cornwell

Bobby Cornwell, president and CEO of the Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (Florida ARVC), told Woodall’s Campground Management that while southern Florida’s “red tide” has had an impact on tourism, only 15% of the parks he has been in contact with have reported a “very significant” impact.

Southern Florida’s “red tide,” a naturally occurring problem caused by the bloom of toxic algae, is impacting RV parks and campgrounds as thousands of dead fish continue to washup on local beaches.

Red Tide can cause illnesses, such as respiratory problems and skin conditions, and the smell of dead fish is forcing many in the area to wear breathing masks, according to local park owners.

Cornwell said he has reached out to member parks along the West and SW portions of Florida’s Gulf Coast — where the red tide is centered — and that 85% of owners reported back saying they have not seen any decline in business.

“Some of these parks even reported an increase in occupancy, with a few saying that they were getting some campers who were coming from campgrounds that were closer to the area affected by the red tide,” he noted.

However, for those closest to the red tide business has suffered.

“One park reported their reservations where down 90%,” explained Cornwell.

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