When a Florida mobile home or RV park has a problem, more park owners are turning to a property management firm in Ellenton, the Bradenton Herald reported.

Newby Management, a fee-for-property management company officed along U.S. 301, has been ranked the largest such enterprise in Florida and 17th in the nation by the industry’s most well-known publication, the Allen Report. It’s a distinction that hardly seems possible for a 39-year-old business that has grown by 42% in the past 14 years on a word-of-mouth and referral basis.

With 41 Florida parks under its umbrella, Newby Management is unusual in that it owns none of the properties it manages. It acts an intermediary between park owners and residents who rent the plots of land under their mobile homes and RVs.

It’s a job that requires the company’s property managers to be responsive to more than 10,000 residents in those parks, and Newby’s upper management to keep the parks profitable for owners.

“It’s more than cutting the grass and collecting the rents,” said Tim Newby, the company’s CEO. “We have to keep our residents happy, our investors happy, and our team members happy.”

Park owners pay the management fees, and seem to take little issue with Newby’s approach. The company pioneered the industry standard, 24-hour response time to residents’ complaints. It’s also pushing park owners to keep their properties attractive as baby boomers replace the people who started the manufactured home and RV boom a half century ago. That is a necessity in a part of the housing industry that hasn’t seen a new park built in Florida for at least 20 years.

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