Hurricane season starts tomorrow. But parts of the Florida Keys still look like Hurricane Irma just hit. According to a WSVN TV report, the recovery effort is nowhere near finished.

A Keys ad reads: “Together, we’ve picked up the pieces. And we’re getting back to business.” This Florida Keys TV ad is called “Open for Business.”

But drive off the main drag in Big Pine Key and not much has changed since Hurricane Irma hit nine months ago. Many of the houses are badly damaged and empty. The people who lived here are now in FEMA trailer camps like this one.

Sharon Baron, who lives in FEMA trailer, noted, “I feel like we’re the bastard child of Florida. Because we seem to have been forgotten.”

Sharon is a retired pre-school teacher. Her husband Terry worked in a steel factory. They lost everything and now live in this small FEMA trailer.

Terry Baron stated, “It’s just so overwhelming trying to figure out what your next step is.”

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