Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. already is among the highest-volume producers of RVs and manufactured homes, but its new senior vice president of strategic planning and market development feels the Riverside, Calif.-based firm is “a sleeping giant.”
Scott Grafft, a Chicago resident, was hired by Fleetwood earlier this month to conduct long-term strategic planning and to identify opportunities for its RV and manufactured housing businesses.
His hiring is not an indication that Fleetwood is planning to break itself apart by selling either its RV or manufactured home business, Grafft added. “There’s plenty of opportunity in both industries.”
Grafft believes Fleetwood can grow even larger because of the intelligence and enthusiasm of its management team.
Immediately before joining Fleetwood, Grafft was vice president of marketing for Delphion Inc., which was IBM’s intellectual asset management software and services division prior to being spun off by the technology sector giant.
Grafft joined Delphion in February, and before that he was a website consultant and developer with Engage Inc., an enterprise marketing software firm.
He also served in senior management positions at Foote, Cone & Belding and Draft Worldwide, two advertising/marketing services firms.
“I have had the privilege of knowing Scott for 10 years,” said Ed Caudill, Fleetwood’s president and CEO. “His experience consulting with a variety of companies, including a motorhome company, will be valuable as Fleetwood moves forward and crafts its strategy for the future.”
Grafft was a consultant to Holiday Rambler Corp. shortly before it was sold by Harley-Davidson Inc. to Monaco Coach Corp. in 1996.
Caudill, who was hired by Fleetwood this past summer, is a good fit because he came from the truck industry, which, like RVs and manufactured homes, features “multitiered distribution,” Grafft said.