Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. launched a business-to-business Web site for its RV dealers on April 10 and the site now is entering Phase 2, according to John Ables, commercial manager for the Fleetwood RV Group.

The company has sold 13 units over the site, www.rvauctioneer.com, so far, Ables said.

During its first month, the site was used by Fleetwood to sell demonstrator and prototype units to its dealers.

Now, Fleetwood is encouraging its dealers to wholesale new and used units among themselves. For example, a Fleetwood dealer who has been unable to sell a unit for seven or eight months should consider putting the unit up for auction on rvauctioneer.com so other Fleetwood dealers could submit bids, Ables said.

Access to rvauctioneer.com is password-protected and is restricted to Fleetwood dealers. There is no charge for buying or selling a unit through rvacutioneer.com, he said.

Currently, there are 25 units posted for sale on rvacutioneer.com, Ables added.