Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. will “continue to vigorously pursue legal action against The Coleman Co.,” Fleetwood announced Friday night (Jan. 30).
Fleetwood issued the statement in response to the announcement Thursday (Jan. 29) that Coleman had reached a long-term exclusive licensing agreement with Coachmen Industries Inc., under the terms of which Coachmen will build a series of towable RVs carrying the “Coleman by Coachmen” brand name.
Fleetwood’s folding camper operation in Pennsylvania had a similar agreement with Coleman from 1989 until last year, when Coleman severed the relationship, alleging Fleetwood had breached the contract.
A Kansas state court judge issued a temporary injunction in August prohibiting Fleetwood from using the Coleman name on any of the products it builds.
However, Fleetwood denies breaching the contract and it wants the dispute resolved by means of a civil court trial. A trial date was scheduled for December but was postponed, according to Kathy Munson, spokeswoman for Fleetwood. A new trial date has not been set, she added.
As a result of the announcement of the Coleman-Coachmen agreement, Fleetwood has filed a motion asking the Kansas court to modify the injunction it issued in August. A hearing on Fleetwood’s motion is scheduled for Friday (Feb. 6).
Meanwhile, Coachmen RV Group President Mike Terlep said on Friday all necessary due diligence had been completed prior to Coachmen signing the agreement with Coleman. Consequently, Coachmen is confident it can build and market Coleman by Coachmen models without legal impediments, Terlep said.