Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., which first filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 10 and previously sold off other assets, is inviting bids on its trademarks and remaining personal property assets exclusively related to its travel trailer business.

The trademarks/travel trailer brands are being marketed on an “as-is/where-is” with no express or implied warranties, with the items’ sale subject to final approval of the bankruptcy court.

“We’ve had inquiries” from potentially interested buyers, said Todd Uhlick, Fleetwood associate general counsel and director real estate. Written bids can be e-mailed to him at [email protected] with a copy required sent to [email protected], senior vice president and general counsel. Bids can also be faxed to (951) 977-2073. They must be received no later than Jan. 15, 2010, at 5 p.m. PST (and not postmarked).

Bidders are required to include a $25,000 deposit via a cashier’s check, made payable to Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., at 3125 Myers St. Riverside, Calif. Any bid must identify the proposed purchaser or any sponsor of the purchasing entity yet to be formed and also include adequate proof of the bidder’s ability to complete the purchase of the assets on terms substantially similar to those set forth in Asset Purchase Agreement.

Fleetwood has sole discretion in determining the highest/best bidder. Deposits will be returned to unsuccessful bidders. The successful bidder’s deposit will be credited against the purchase price, if the bankruptcy court approves sale of the travel trailer assets to that bidder.

Fleetwood is marketing Canadian, as well as U.S., trademarks/travel trailer brands. They include AX6, Backpack, Caravan, Compass, Formula, Gearbox, Gearbox Nitrous, Mallard, Millard Bird Design, Mallard Sport, Nitrous, Nitrous Hyperlite, Northern Pride, Orbit, Pegasus, Pioneer, Pioneer Spirit, Prowler, Prowler Design, Prowler Classic, Luxury-Lite, Prowler Regal, Quantum, Redline, Redline Hyperlite, Regal, Sun Valley, Terry, Terry Design, Terry LX, Terry Premier, Terry Quantum, Terry Resort, Triumph, Wilderness, Wilderness Advantage and Wilderness Scout.