Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. is cutting employees’ hours at its Decatur, Ind., facility, as reported by WPTA-TV, Fort Wayne.
“The RV industry I think is being hurt more than other industries because we are so reliant on consumer confidence,” said Kathy Munson, director of investor relations for the Riverside, Calif.-based builder.
In December, Fleetwood officials laid off more than 250 employees citing a decrease in demand. Now, Munson says Fleetwood is forced to cut hours for the remaining employees.
“Fleetwood’s management is extremely concerned for its employees and hates to have to put them through any of this uncertainty or these cutbacks,” said Munson.
Mayor John Shultz said the 700 jobs the RV company currently provides is critical to Decatur’s economy.
“Fleetwood is very important to us,” said Shultz. “It would be devastating to our community (if they closed their doors).”
Shultz says times are so tough that anyone who has lost their job at Fleetwood or has had their hours cut back will not be able to find another job in Decatur.
“I don’t know of anybody who is hiring even temporary help,” said Shultz.
Munson said hours are temporarily being slashed because consumers can’t get loans for RVs, not because of a lack in demand.
“The lenders are asking for higher FICA scores, higher down payments and just generally not wanting to give very many loans for our products,” said Munson.