Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. has hired Integrated Dealer Systems Inc. (IDS) to enhance the Fleetwood Dealer Network (FDN) e-commerce program.

The agreement calls for IDS “to develop, test and deploy an electronic interface between the IDS Astra Dealership Management System (DMS) and FDN.”

The goal is to make it easier for Fleetwood dealers, both single and multiple location operations, to order parts, register vehicles and enter or inquire about warranty claims.

Once DMS and FDN are intertwined, dealer’s parts orders, warranty claims and vehicle registrations will go directly to Fleetwood.

IDS was selected because about 30% of Fleetwood’s dealers use the IDS Astra system.

Dealers will need to run Astra on a Microsoft NT server-based system and they will need integration software in order for Astra to work with FDN, which was developed for Fleetwood by ARI Network Services Inc.

The cost for the software has not been established.

Special Internet connection software might also be needed, according to IDS.

The current plan is to begin testing the warranty claims entry and purchase order entry features on Nov. 1, with the initial release of the program scheduled for Jan. 1.

The testing of the interface between Astra and Empart, ARI’s graphic parts catalog, also is scheduled to begin on Nov. 1, for release on Jan. 1.

The testing of the product registration, warranty inquiry, parts availability and parts reports features of the system is scheduled to begin March 1, with the initial release scheduled for May 1.