Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., Riverside, Calif., has upped the ante in the so-called “toy hauler” category with a new line of higher priced sport utility towables (SURVs) — the Gearbox Lifestyle Support Vehicle (LSV), which is designed to replace SURV floorplans offered since 1999 in Fleetwood’s Prowler, Wilderness and Terry towable brands.
“We will see a migration to this type of product as people recognize the flexibility it can provide,” said Jim Baehmann, Fleetwood’s product planning manager for towables.
The Gearbox will be available later this month in two floorplans — front sleeper in 26- and 30-foot lengths and front bathroom in 22-, 26- and 30-foot lengths. Each increase in length adds four feet to the garage area of the open floorplan.
The sleeper floorplan will have a minimum of 14 feet 6 inches of garage space and the bath model, 15 feet 5 inches.
“The biggest towable market right now is for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to pursue a lifestyle with the availability of accommodations to stay where they are for a while,” Baehmann said.
SURVs are particularly popular on the West Coast, and are believed to be account for 40% of the California towables market, he added.
Although retail prices have not been set yet, the Gearbox will be marketed as more than an entry-level trailer and priced accordingly.
“People are looking for a little bit more in the realm of quality, not bare, entry (level)-style units,” Baehmann said.
Gearboxes will be equipped with fold down beds and a fuel station with options that include work benches, air compressors and exterior washers with pressurized nozzles for clean-up.
Baehman said Fleetwood will offer Gearbox fifth-wheel floorplans before the end of the year.