A U.S. district court judge in Idaho has approved a lawsuit settlement in which Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. agreed to pay $7.35 million to about 4,300 current and former production workers, according to the Idaho Statesman newspaper of Boise, Idaho.
The case, which became a class action, was originally filed by certain employees of Fleetwood’s manufactured home production plant in Idaho. They claimed the company violated federal labor law by pressuring them to work early in the morning, through breaks and after their shifts in order to keep up with production quotas.
In addition to the payment, Fleetwood also agreed to “certain injunctive relief” including “implementing a policy explicitly prohibiting off-the-clock work and modifying rounding practices under our timekeeping system,” according to a Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) document filed by Fleetwood.
Meanwhile, on the same day that the judge approved the settlement, hundreds of “production supervisors” sued Fleetwood over the same issue: uncompensated overtime, according to the Statesman. The production supervisors claim they have “insufficient supervisory authority” to be exempt from federal overtime provisions, the newspaper reported.