Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. has redesigned its twin Orbit/Pegasus lightweight travel trailer series by re-engineering the chassis to reduce weight. “We’ve taken an average of 20% out of the weight,” said Bob Rogers, product marketing manager for travel trailers. “In terms of higher gas prices, the timing was pretty fortuitous. This remake has been on the books for a year and a half and it’s all about weight.” Rogers said weight was taken out of the sidewalls by, among other things, utilizing lighter insulation with the same R-value. With 11 floorplans in 18- to 26-foot lengths, Orbit/Pegasus sports an aluminum superstructure with laminated fiberglass sidewalls. Five floorplans feature tent-like hybrid extensions. The Orbit/Pegasus, introduced first to Fleetwood’s Canadian dealers in mid-May and later in the U.S., retails from $16,400.