Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., a significant producer of sport utility RVs (SURVs), has agreed to join the ACTION coalition that is working to keep public lands available for use by off-road vehicle enthusiasts, according to Mark Warmoth, president of Weekend Warrior Trailers Inc., a major toy-hauler builder.
In an opinion piece in the April edition of RV Business magazine, Warmoth, whose company only builds SURVs, challenged other RV manufacturers competing in the toy-hauler segment to support the ACTION coalition.
Fleetwood decided “a few days ago,” shortly after the April edition of RV Business went to press, to support the ACTION coalition, Warmoth said.
RV manufacturers can support ACTION by attaching ACTION emblems, which cost $25 each, to their units. The $25 ACTION fee then is passed by the manufacturers to dealers, who pass it on to retail buyers, Warmoth said.Officials at Weekend Warrior, based in Perris, Calif., has found that dealers and retail buyers gladly pay the $25 to support ACTION because they understand their “money is being invested wisely to support keeping public lands open,” according to Warmoth.
The growth in popularity of SURVs during the last few years is directly related to the growth in popularity of four-wheel all terrain vehicles (ATVs) used for off-roading in desert areas in the West and other parts of the country, Warmoth said.
However, Warmoth said he believed “extreme environmentalists” were using the Endangered Species Act, along with “poor or nonexistent scientific data to force closures of our (nonpark) public lands.”
Closing public lands to the users of ATVs, motorcycles, dune buggies and other “racing toys” would have a devastating impact on the toy hauler segment, Warmoth said.
Other supporters of the ACTION coalition include the 260,000-member American Motorcyclist Association and the 14,000-member United Four Wheel Drive Association, Warmoth said.
For more information about ACTION’s efforts, call Michelle Casella at (800) 422-6782.