The expense related to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall of almost Fleetwood 5,000 motorhomes is expected to be small, said Paul Bingham. Fleetwood senior vice president-finance.

A few weeks ago, NHTSA recalled 4,967 Fleetwood Class A motorhomes including model year 1996-2000 Discovery units and model year 1999-2000 Bounder Diesel units.

According to NHTSA, “On certain motorhomes, the power steering gear box hydraulic lines are routed too close to a sharp edge. This can cause the lines to rupture and result in a hydraulic fluid leak. This fluid leakage can cause loss of the power steering assist feature, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle.”

NHTSA ordered dealers “to inspect, replace or repair damaged hoses as necessary and relocate the affected hydraulic lines.”

Bingham said, “The fix is pretty quick and easy. It is a fairly small situation in terms of expected costs.”

Fleetwood set aside funds during the fiscal quarter that ended July 30 for pay for anticipated expenses related to the recall, Bingham said.