Workers at an idled Fleetwood plant in Paxinos, Pa., returned to work today (Feb. 13), according to a report in the Sunbury Daily Item.
Corporate officials announced in late January that the plant would be idled for two weeks due to seasonal slump in sales.
“Everybody’s heading back to work,” Fleetwood spokeswoman Kathy Munson said Friday.
There are about 525 workers at the facility, which produces all of Fleetwood’s gasoline-powered motorhomes.
Shutdowns like the one over the past two weeks happen almost every year, due to seasonal slowdowns in RV sales, Munson said last month. Often the facility copes with the situation by having short work weeks.
By shutting down for two weeks, “this just gets it all done at once,” she said.
At the time the two-week shutdown was announced, corporate officials also said the jobs of four floor managers and three administrative workers had been eliminated and a new plant manager for the facility had been named.
The temporary closing came a month after 175 workers were laid off at the plant due to declining sales. The Paxinos plant opened in 1973 and had about 700 workers before the December round of layoffs.