Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. has announced a restructuring move designed to better integrate Fleetwood Folding Trailers Inc. (FFT) into the company’s nationwide travel trailer division.
The change, according to Riverside, Calif.-based Fleetwood, will create a “streamlined, functionally aligned business unit” at FFT, the country’s market share leader in folding camping trailers.
As part of the transition, Larry Marsh, FFT’s vice president and general manager, has been reassigned to a new corporate vice presidential position focusing on RV Group strategic initiatives, Fleetwood reports.
A long-time marketing executive under veteran FFT head Pat Scanlon, who retired more than a year ago, Marsh will now report directly to Chris Braun, senior vice president, Fleetwood RV Group.
The realignment will allow Fleetwood “to more closely focus plant operations on optimizing production and reducing costs through the leveraging of our organizational manufacturing expertise and company-wide purchasing power,” a press release states.
“Product development alignment will allow the exchange of engineering and manufacturing best practices, sharing of platform components to reduce product costs, and combined R & D efforts to enhance product quality across all Fleetwood travel trailer brands. Fleetwood will realize enhanced sales efforts through greater focus on the dealer network and leveraging dealer distribution for all Fleetwood RV products.”
The functional leaders of Fleetwood Folding Trailers will report to their corresponding RV Group functional heads as follows:
* Steve Marcum, director of manufacturing and Craig Sprock, director of materials, will report to Bill Doig, vice president, RV operations.
* Mark Mazurek, director of sales and marketing, will report to Dan Martin, vice president, RV sales and service.
*Chuck Reckner, director of engineering, will report to David Warren, vice president, RV engineering.
* Kevin Ziance, division controller, will report to Chris Edgar, controller, RV Group.
* Gary Moyer, human resources manager, will report to Stu Lawrence, director, human resources, RV Group.
FFT has been faced with dwindling revenues – as has much of the folding trailer sector recently – along with ongoing litigation over the Coleman brand name, for which it was well known. Due to a licensing dispute with The Coleman Company Inc., Wichita, Kans., FFT opted to quit using the Coleman name last year. Although the final legal rounds have not been fired on the matter, Coachmen Industries Inc. signed a licensing agreement in January for use of that revered brand for a soon-to-be-introduced towable line.
Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. purchased the Somerset, Pa., folding camper operation in 1989.