Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. saw a 37% drop in RV sales revenue during its fiscal year 2001, which ended last Sunday (April 29).

The company’s fiscal year 2001 RV sales totaled $1.21 billion, compared with a record $1.92 billion during its fiscal year 2000.

Fleetwood’s motorhome operations suffered the most, declining 47% during fiscal 2001 to $638 million.

The company’s travel trailer and fifth-wheel sales dropped 25% during the 12 months ended April 29 to $452 million and its folding camper revenues declined 9% to $117 million.

During the fourth quarter of Fleetwood’s fiscal year, its total RV sales declined 42% to $289 million. Its motorhome sales plunged 49.5% to $155 million and its travel trailer and fifth-wheel revenues fell 34% to $106 million.

Fleetwood’s folding camper sales declined 12% during the February-through-April period to $29 million.

“Historically, RV sales have tended to be a leading economic indicator, and sales started to fall off immediately after the stock market began to show signs of weakness at the beginning of our fiscal year (2001),” said Nelson Potter, president and CEO.

“Although, as previously announced, the company expects to incur a loss in the fourth quarter, there are reasons for optimism for fiscal year 2002,” Potter continued. “Our RV segment is making progress in product design, and we’re confident that our new models will generate consumer excitement as they are introduced.”