Many RV owners are NASCAR race fans, and Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. hopes to capitalize on that shared interest by sponsoring a campground located across the street from a major NASCAR track.

The facility is in Charlotte, N.C., and it is called the Fleetwood RV Camping Resort. It is next to the Lowe’s Motor Speedway, formerly known as the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Fleetwood is in the second year of a seven-year exclusive sponsorship agreement with Lowe’s Motor Speedway, which hosts a major Winston Cup races each May and October.

However, the resort, for motorhomes only, is open year-round to RVers with other interests, and Fleetwood plans to use it for owners’ club rallies.

Prior to the opening of the RV resort, motorhomes were allowed to park on certain portions of the speedway property, but were no amenities. So, the Speedway staff began working on the idea of providing a RV park and began seeking a sponsor.

After contacting Tom Johnson’s Camping Center, a Fleetwood dealership in Marion, N.C., the speedway staff began negotiating directly with Fleetwood.

Now, the resort has about 250 sites and another 250 will be added by the end of this year. The park provides water, sewer and power hook-ups at each site along with picnic tables and grills. The park also has a pond and even a meditation park.

The exposure at the speedway has increased Fleetwood’s name recognition, according to Allison Hill, event-marketing manager for Fleetwood.