The 1,000 to 1,100 production workers at Fleetwood’s motorhome assembly plants in Decatur, Ind., got an unplanned extra week of vacation this week (Aug. 14-18).

The Riverside, Calif.-based company apparently plans to resume production in Decatur on Monday (Aug. 21), although Paul Bingham, senior vice president-finance, was not certain that will happen.

“It’s a fluid, dynamic situation,” Bingham said during a phone conversation from his office in California.

Callers to Fleetwood’s factory in Decatur hear a recording stating the offices are closed “Aug. 14 through Aug. 18.”

Fleetwood temporarily shutdown the Decatur plants because excess inventory had accumulated, Bingham said. The company had 400 motorhomes in inventory, including built-to-order units and “open” inventory. Bingham said a 400-unit inventory “is too many.”

Earlier this summer, Fleetwood laid-off about 450 people from its Decatur operations, and Bingham said those layoffs are “fairly permanent.”

In order to get its motorhome production rates in line with retail demand, Fleetwood has reduced its Motorhome Division workforce a total of 23%, although Bingham said the labor force downsizing was not divided equally among its motorhome assembly operations in California, Indiana and Pennsylvania.