Fleetwood’s and Thor’s stocks both reached new 52-week highs and Winnebago’s shares posted a big gain in New York Stock Exchange trading today (Aug. 1).

Fleetwood’s stock climbed as high as $17 a share today, shattering its previous 52-week high of $16.42.

Fleetwood stock closed at $16.68 today, up 38 cents.

A likely explanation for the upward movement in Fleetwood’s stock price was the announcement early in the morning that the company had finalized a new lending agreement with a syndicate of financial institutions.

Meanwhile, Thor’s stock reached a new 52-week high of $35.75 before it closed at $35.35, up 85 cents.

Winnebago’s stock closed $1.45 a share higher today at $29.40, after trading as high as $29.50.

Winnebago’s current 52-week high is $30.75.