Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. will build a total of 410 Class A and Class C motorhomes for rental firm El Monte RV, an order valued at around $21 million, the two firms announced today (Feb. 17).
Fleetwood will recognize the revenue from the El Monte order during its fourth fiscal quarter, which will end in late April.
El Monte Fleetwood order has increased 52% compared with the same period a year ago. The reason is because El Monte anticipates a robust rental market this summer because of the dollar’s weakness against the Euro, thus making the United States a more affordable vacation destination for Europeans, according to Joe Laing, El Monte RV’s marketing director.
Consequently, El Monte RV is forecasting a 50% increase in international rental business in 2004.
“RV travel in the U.S. has become more affordable and increasingly popular among Europeans,” Laing said. “The quality of Fleetwood’s innovative RV products will help us to satisfy this group’s high standards for service and value.”
El Monte RV President Ken Schork added: “As a leading supplier of RV rentals, our main goals are to serve customer demands and expand our business. We chose to work with Fleetwood RV because they offer innovative and superior motorhomes that retain a high resale value after repeated use.”
“Fleetwood is committed to supplying the rental industry with stylish, high quality and functional motorhomes,” said Chris Braun, senior vice president of Fleetwood RV. “We are looking forward to filling more orders as the (rental) industry continues to grow.”
According to U.S. Census of Retail Trade, the RV rental business is a $191 million a year industry and growing.