Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. announced late Monday (July 21) it will continue building Coleman-brand folding campers and hybrid travel trailers until its legal dispute with The Coleman Co. is resolved by a trial, perhaps next year.
Fleetwood issued its statement in response to a news release Coleman issued Monday afternoon that it was looking to find another RV manufacturer that would build Coleman-brand units as a licensee.
However, Fleetwood replied that it would “vigorously assert its claims, including its right to use the Coleman name and logo, as well as its claim that Coleman does not have the right to license other RV manufacturers to use the Coleman name.”
Fleetwood added that it would “take all appropriate legal action against any other RV manufacturer that may attempt to license the Coleman name until the issues between Fleetwood and Coleman are properly resolved.”
Fleetwood has built Coleman-brand folding campers since 1989, when the firm acquired the right to do so from Coleman, now a unit of American Household Inc., the successor to home appliance manufacturer Sunbeam.
However, Coleman terminated its licensing agreement with Fleetwood on May 12 for breaches, including failure to submit products to Coleman for approval and selling Coleman products not covered by the licensing agreement.
Fleetwood believes Coleman took out of context a quote from a Kansas state court judge’s recent ruling in the case. Fleetwood believes the judge “denied both sides’ requests for injunctions, including Coleman’s request for an order that Fleetwood cease any further use of the Coleman name and logo.
“Instead, the judge ruled that the parties’ rights and obligations should be resolved at a future trial,” according to a Fleetwood statement.