Fleetwood re-opened its two motorhome assembly plants in Decatur, Ind., today (Aug. 21) after a one-week shutdown (Aug. 14-18) to allow dealer inventories to get into better balance.

During the Riverside, Calif.-based company’s national dealer meeting last week, President Nelson Potter said Fleetwood “mismanaged this inventory adjustment cycle very badly.”

Potter also invited dealers to talk with Fleetwood “about the need to revolutionize the decades-old wholesale push-through operating model.”

He hopes Fleetwood and its dealers could create “a retail pull-through model” to “more closely align our ordering and production scheduling system to mirror retail sales activity.”

The over-production of motorhomes caused by a failure to react in time to the cool-off in retail demand, forced Fleetwood to temporarily close factories reduce its Motorhome Division workforce by 23%, said Paul Bingham, senior vice president-finance.